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Have you checked out the bathrooms at the St. Louis Four Seasons Lodge? Since many local residents have no reason to stay in the hotel like our show-me-state tourists, here’s a behind the scenes glimpse of one of the best parts. The bathrooms are reminiscent of a luxurious spa. 


An LCD television in the mirror becomes seamlessly reflective when not in use. L’Occitane designer toiletries adorn the double sink vanity with a lighted makeup mirror. After a rainfall showerhead mists you in the marbled shower, enclosed by a frameless glass door, choose from a selection of full-length white terry cloth robes. 


The At-Home Bathroom Spa-like Experience

Envious? Remember the Four Season’s bathroom also comes with a $400+ per night price tag. And you can do even better than the hotel bath. Consider adding elements like a heated floor, toilet seat, or towel bar to your Ballwin, MO home bath turned new spa oasis. As the owner, you won’t have to pay for your investment night after night. 


Electric Radiant Floor Heating for Your Home Bathroom 

A certified electrician can install electric radiant floor heating to warm your Ballwin, MO bathroom floor and space. Here’s how it works. 


Wires under your floor produce a smooth even heat. The heat rises and warms not only your feet but also the space in your bathroom. In about an hour, your floor and bath environment will heat up. The system can eliminate the need for warm air supply to your bathroom from your furnace through ductwork and vents. 


The electric wires work well under linoleum, laminate, and tile. Heat-conducting plastic mats containing copper or nichrome resistance wires are installed. The best time to install is during new construction or remodeling, but a qualified contractor can give you a time and materials estimate for any project. A licensed electrician is recommended to install the technology safely in a moisture prone area like the bathroom. 


Let Hoffmann Brothers Heat Up Your Bathroom

The icing on the spa petit four is the energy savings and the long life expectancy for the electric radiant floor heating system. The technology lasts an average of 40+ years before replacement. Call (314) 256-2970 in Ballwin, MO to add luxurious heating to your home bath, because you deserve a staycation. 

Visit our website for more information and money saving coupons!


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The bathroom exhaust fan helps avoid a foggy mirror when you get out of the shower. But its real purpose is much broader. Here are the primary benefits of an exhaust fan in your bathroom and the common issues our contractors have seen in Chesterfield, MO area homes. 


The Purpose of the Bathroom Exhaust Fan


Humidity Control

The bathroom exhaust fan eliminates excessive moisture in one of the wettest areas of your Chesterfield, MO home. Bathing, showering, and lavatory routines all create water droplets in the air. If moisture levels aren’t controlled, humidity can lead to peeling paint, wrinkling wallpaper, warping wood cabinetry, and even deforming of the bathroom door. 


Over time, a bathroom without an exhaust fan could be a source of mold in your home. Mold needs just moisture and a surface to grow. Both of these prerequisites are plentiful in the typical bathroom. 


Chemical Control

The bathroom exhaust fan reduces odors in your bathroom for a more hygienic experience. The fan also eliminates fumes from the variety of cleaning products used in the bathroom. Breathing in cleaning chemicals is not only unpleasant but also harmful for the elderly, children, and family members with health conditions. 


Common Issues with the Bathroom Exhaust Fan 


It’s undersized. 

A contemporary Chesterfield, MO home with a large master bath also warrants a capable exhaust fan. To be effective, the fan must be sized for the appropriate air changes needed in the moisture-filled bathroom it supports.


It’s not properly vented. 

Some installers vent the bathroom exhaust fan to the attic. The correct venting technique is exhausting the humidity outdoors. Eliminating moisture is always better than relocating moisture to another susceptible area of the home. 


It’s not properly insulated. 

Many Chesterfield, MO homeowners neglect to use their bathroom exhaust fans. Of course, they know how to flip the exhaust fan switch. But some dislike the loud and offensive operation of their fan. Fans that are improperly installed, and not properly insulated, are extremely noisy. 


A Hoffmann Brothers qualified contractor can handle all of your bathroom exhaust fan needs. Whether you need a new installation or a replacement for an ineffective exhaust fan, we have a staff of licensed electricians to complete the task safely. Call (314) 256-2970 for service on the exhaust fans in any or all of the bathrooms in your Chesterfield, MO home.  Visit our website for more information:


We believe controlling the moisture and chemicals in your bathroom, protecting the safety of your family and your home, should be as easy as flipping a switch. 



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The recent end of daylight savings time and dropping temperatures put your interior lighting to work. It’s not only dark earlier in the evening but also cozier indoors. Flickering lights are a symptom you don’t need to live with this cold and flu season. Here are three cases of flickering lights that Hoffmann Brothers electricians recently solved. 


House #1: The Simple Fix

“Flickering lights are not always cause for alarm. One customer called with a single lamp flickering. First, we asked her to unscrew and reseat the bulb. Next, we advised her to try a replacement bulb. Then, we counseled her to try the lamp in another socket,” states a Richmond Heights certified electrician.


Her issue was isolated to an individual outlet. A Hoffmann Brother’s electrician visited her home, replaced loose wiring, and tied the lamp to a dimmer switch. The customer now loves her dimmable non-flickering light. 


House #2: The Green Solution


Some lights flicker on start-up. One customer had just replaced all the bulbs in his Richmond Heights, MO home with energy efficient fluorescents. He reaped savings in energy and bulb longevity. But he called Hoffmann Brothers about flickering lights. 


The type of flicker is important. It’s normal for some energy efficient lights to take time before the phosphors reach peak illumination. Since the flickering always resolved within a minute, the customer maintained his energy efficient lighting.


House #3: The Voltage Balance


Note any lights flickering due to the activation of an appliance with high wattage. This cause of flickering lights may be due to voltage fluctuation. Do your lights flicker whenever the HVAC system turns on, your daughter uses her hairdryer, or your wife blends a smoothie? Pay attention to when your lights flicker, if all the lights flicker, and whether the flicker is limited to a particular area of the home. 


A Hoffmann Brother’s electrician recently determined that voltage fluctuation was the cause of flickering lights in one Richmond Heights, MO home. When our customer’s heat pump turned on, the lights on the main level of his home flickered. We checked the wire size to his heat pump and tightened the electrical connections. Our electrician installed a soft start kit on the heat pump, which lessened the current draw when the motor started and resolved the flickering issue. 


Don’t accept strobe lighting in your Richmond Heights home! Call a Hoffmann Brothers certified electrician at (314) 256-2970 for all your electrical needs!  Be sure to visit our website and redeem one of our money saving coupons:


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Some features of your home come out to play only in the summer: the backyard swimming pool. Other items operate exclusively in the winter: the wood-burning fireplace. Like an all-season room, the ceiling fan can support your interior comfort all year long. Here’s the best way to utilize a ceiling fan in your St. Louis City home this winter. 


Run it in Reverse

Many trains never turn around. They just run in reverse. In the winter, your ceiling fan should both turn and run in reverse. The spinning blades will turn clockwise when you reverse the direction of the motor. 


Use your remote or a switch located at the top of the ceiling fan motor to achieve the winter direction. Note the clockwise direction when you look up at the blades. 


Know the Science 


The clockwise direction for your ceiling fan works due to the pitch of its blades. A gentle updraft occurs and warm air near the ceiling distributes down your walls to your living space. Remember, heat rises. You’ll achieve air circulation while you push warm air to your ambient level. 


Select the Speed


The summer counterclockwise direction produces a pleasant indoor wind chill. The hotter the St. Louis City outside temperature, the higher you want the fan speed. In the winter, choose a slower fan speed. You want a gentle updraft and redistribution of air, not air blowing on your skin. 


Save Money 


The ideal time to run your ceiling fan in winter mode is when you are physically in the room. Like a light switch, turn off the fan when you exit the room. You’ll avoid wasting money on energy when you aren’t reaping the warming benefits. 


If you can lower your thermostat set point due to improved comfort from your clockwise ceiling fan, you’ll achieve energy savings this winter in St. Louis City. Remember every degree adjustment saves you a percentage point in energy costs over an eight-hour period. For example, a 2-degree lower thermostat setting in the winter saves 2% on energy during the time you typically sleep.  


Call Hoffmann Brothers Electrical in St. Louis City at (314) 256-2970 if you need help reversing your ceiling fan this winter. Ask about our customer favorite ceiling fans with a six-speed remote. They’re quieter, more efficient, and better in all seasons than ever. 

Our electricians can handle all your residential or commercial electrical repairs, services, and installations. Visit our website for more information and money saving coupons.



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Many Mehlville, MO residents spend more time on vacation research than choosing an electrical contractor. This practice can be dangerous and expensive. Though a vacation is well deserved, it lasts only a couple of weeks a year. Remember the electrical components of your home serve your family year-round.

Any electrical installation, repair, or upgrade should include a free estimate and a signed contract with details of the project, price, and timeline. Beyond these essentials, consider an interview with your electrical contractor. Here’s what to ask.

1. What is your experience?
Your Mehlville, MO electrical contractor should not only be licensed and insured, but also trained and experienced in your specific type of electrical project. For example, the contractor may have years of expertise installing commercial access key card systems but limited experience adding and relocating outlets for a residential basement entertainment system.

2. Who will be performing the work?
It’s always possible that a contractor will use subcontractors or additional employees for a big job. Ensure a project manager will handle the complete task and supervise those in your Mehlville, MO home. There should be one point person available to answer your questions and address any concerns.

3. Can I have a list of references?
References come from a variety of sources. The electrical contractor may provide a list of clients, refer you to a website for customer testimonials, encourage you to check Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau, or all of the above. Referrals and customer testimonials speak volumes about the long-term quality of electrical service providers. Look at repeat customers as a very good sign.

4. Do you offer a warranty or guarantee?
Look out for electrical contractors that want the complete payment, in cash, upfront and lack a physical address. An electrical contractor employed by a trusted company, with a local St. Louis headquarters, and a dedicated customer service line is your best bet.

Where Hoffmann Brothers shines is our comprehensive guarantee for long-term reliability of any electrical project in your Mehlville, MO home or business. We encourage you to interview our electrical contractors. Our electricians are licensed, trained and insured to handle all types of electrical work. Call us at (314) 256-2970 with your pre-screening questions and to follow-up on service at any time.
And don’t forget to redeem our coupon at: to save $30 on your next electrical project.

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The extension cord is a useful invention and an essential tool for any Maryland Heights homeowner. But it’s only safe when used appropriately, according to its rating. Perhaps you need an extension cord to power a drill to screw together heavy furniture in the center of a room. You’re doing it right. If you’re using multiple extension cords to power the treadmill of your new home gym, you’re doing it wrong.

Extension Cords are Temporary

If you need an extension cord to power a permanent device or appliance that is always used in a particular location, it’s a good idea to add more outlets. A long cord trail is both an eyesore and a hazard. Any electrical need that lasts longer than 90 days deserves a permanent solution.

Extension Cords mask Electrical Hazards

With a shorter cord length directly from an appliance to an outlet, you have a clear view of the conditions. You can easily identify pinch points, prong exposure, damage to insulation, and water in the area.

The original appliance cord is rated to meet the power needs of the device. An extension cord may not be. The extra plug-in locations at the end of some extension cords can also be deceiving. Don’t exceed the power limits of your origin outlet or cords just because there’s space. Best case, you blow a fuse. Worst case, you cause an electrical fire.

Extension Cords impact Grounding

Fortunately, ground fault circuit interrupters are designed to break a circuit quickly. They respond to a milliamp difference between the hot and neutral current and shut off in less than a second for your protection. An improper shut off from an extension cord without a built-in circuit breaker could be fatal.
Extension cords are not designed to be permanent. Rather, reserve them for temporary projects. This holiday season may bring layout changes to your Maryland Heights home or gifts of new appliances. Consider the outlets needed to support your safety on any new devices.

Call Hoffmann Brothers Electrical at (314) 256-2970 to get rid of your extension cord mess. Our Electricians are licensed, trained and experienced to tackle any wiring and outlet issues you may be having. We can install, repair, and replace electrical outlets for both your home and businesses in Maryland Heights, MO. Visit our website for more information

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The city and counties of Kirkwood, MO have electrical codes to protect you, your family, and your home.  You can review all these codes at The codes prevent electrical fires, shortages, and hazards including electrocution. Since many violations go undetected until they cause serious problems, it’s a good idea to know the major players in compliance. 

Player #1: The Electrician

Your electrician should have an electrical permit to operate in the city of Kirkwood, MO. The permit certifies the contractor to perform work like installing a new electrical service, outlet, light fixture, or circuit breaker panel in your home. Consider not only the permit but also the years of experience of your electrical contractor. Remember doctors go through a residency program for training and hands-on treatment skills. You want an electrician with similar real world proficiency. 

Player #2: The Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter 

Modern outlets contain a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) identifiable by holes for three prongs from your appliance plug. Ground fault interrupters are particularly important for moisture prone areas like the bathroom, kitchen, mudroom, and laundry room. They work by continuously monitoring the flow of electricity through a circuit, from one vertical prong to the other. GFCIs react to even a small imbalance and trip the circuit. The appliance and user are protected from a shock. 

Player #3: The Home Inspector

When moving into an existing Kirkwood, MO home, your home inspector will provide a report on many items including the roof, foundation, plumbing, and electrical components. An overloaded circuit breaker panel and aged wiring are items to address in the negotiation, contract, and pre-moving-in period.  

Player #4: You

You have a role in scheduling a certified electrician for your electrical project, and educating your family on safe electrical practices. Call a certified electrician when remodeling your kitchen, finishing your basement, or upgrading your circuit breaker panel. Start early with the youngest members of your family. Child proofing the electrical outlets is temporary. The permanent step is education on the safe use of appliances and electrical devices. Visit your AmerenUE Missouri website for more information on electrical safety.

Call Hoffmann Brothers at (314) 256-2970 for a contractor who meets and exceeds the Kirkwood, MO area electrical codes. We’re a player who will win your business again and again with our safe and meticulous service.  

Visit for more details.


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Electrical control panels, aka fuse boxes or circuit breaker panels, are typically out of sight and out of mind. But the control panel is critically important to smooth electrical service in your Des Peres, MO home. A good reporter answers who, what, where, when, why, and how in each story. Here’s the scoop on your electrical control panel. 

Why does my Des Peres home need an electrical control panel? Your control panel is the entry point for electricity into your home. It links your utility supply wire to the various electrical wires of your home. 

Where is my electrical control panel? Control panels are typically mounted to the wall in an accessible area, often in the unfinished portion of a Des Peres basement. Look for a rectangular gray metal box about the size of a locker. 

What does the inside of the electrical control panel look like? The panel contains a main power switch but also smaller switches for your appliances, lights, and modern devices. Ideally, each switch is labeled with a sticker for easy identification. 

When does the electrical control panel need my attention? You’ll visit the box to reset tripped circuit breakers and replace blown fuses. When the power goes out in a given area of your Des Peres home due to too many hairdryers or devices pulling electricity at one time, it’s for good reason. The shutoff prevents the wires in your home from overheating. Locate the switch in the box with an inconsistent position. It’s the one that needs your attention for a reset or replacement. 

You can watch this video for more details on repairing a blown fuse: to fix a blown fuse

How should my electrical control panel be maintained? First, the control panel should be inspected before moving into a Des Peres home. Second, it should be updated to support home additions and today’s rapidly growing list of gadgets. Finally, an upgrade or replacement is recommended if you continuously blow fuses, or at least every 35 years. 

Who should you count on for electrical control panel issues? The best person to install and service an electrical control panel is a licensed electrician. The electrician will comply with the appropriate codes and safety requirements. For example, physical space to install more breakers doesn’t mean the power won’t be overloaded. 

Call Hoffmann Brothers Electric in Des Peres, MO at (314) 256-2970 for emergency and preventative service for your electrical box. Our licensed electricians are available around the clock, since electric issues can’t wait. 

For more information visit our website at:



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If you’re a parent, you know that sometimes the child with the least amount of problems also gets the least attention. Consider the son whose not struggling in math, staying out past curfew, or neglecting his chores. These issues among his siblings can preoccupy parents.

Just like parents need to consciously make time for all their children before a child acts out for attention, homeowners need to pay attention to their electrical outlets before problems arise. Here are the times to put electrical outlets on your Ballwin, MO home checklist.

When You’re Expecting

Expectant parents do have a window of time before babies become toddlers and outlets become dangerous, misunderstood “toys.” But starting the toddler proofing process early alleviates stress. Outlets near the floor need safety covers like plastic inserts. Long cords near the floor are also hazards for those who crawl, so take steps to optimize your cords and outlets.

When You’re Decorating

Matching outlets to switches is an aesthetic update for a tied together Ballwin, MO home’s décor. In addition, relocating outlets often makes sense when your decorating includes changes in the room layout. A new entertainment center will have plenty of wires and plugs that need outlets. The wiring can become a real eyesore, not to mention a safety hazard, without careful outlet installation. And the right outlet can achieve a zero wire look for your wall mount flat screen TV.

When You’re Moving

Consider both the home you are selling and the home you are buying. Outlets that fail the electrical inspection may delay closing and cause negotiation or contract heartburn. Be proactive about outlet repair. Your furniture, appliances, and use of the kitchen will differ from the previous homeowner. It makes sense to consider outlet installation or relocation to make your new Ballwin, MO house a functional home for your family.

Your One Stop Shop for Electrical Outlets

Hoffmann Brothers has licensed, trained, and experienced contractors in Ballwin, MO to service and install any outlet type. The options today include GFCI, AFCI, duplex, and USB outlets. Work with an expert who understands the best type for a new oven versus a personal computer versus a dryer in the basement.

Call Hoffmann Brothers Electrical today at (314) 256-2970 for a free consultation on your electrical outlet project. Ask about our popular nightstand USB outlets to accommodate both a three-prong lamp and an iPhone at your bedside.

For more information or to request a quote, visit


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Many sellers get the most action and the highest offers on their Arnold, MO home listings in the summertime. Buyers aren’t focused on the holidays or shut-in by the snowy weather. Most families want to move in and get settled before the start of the school year, so August is an attractive deadline to complete and close a home sale.

The classic advice about keeping a meticulous yard, de-cluttering, and baking cookies before an open house still applies. Another tip involves your home’s lighting. Follow these strategies for a bright outlook on the sale of your Arnold, MO home this August.

Keep the light on when you leave the room.

The traditional house rule to turn off the lights when you leave a room saves energy, light bulbs, and money. The exception to the rule occurs before a home showing. Universally, buyers will look for a well lit home. By turning on the lights, you can overcome a rainy day showing and a lack of natural lighting due to a combination of window location and home design.

Add lighting to your cleaning routine.

Unclean lights set the wrong impression for buyers and make them second-guess your level of care for the entire home. Your baseboards to the tops of your blinds might be spotless, but you need to add lighting to the mix. Lighting components to clean include switches, outlets, and fixtures.

Switches need disinfection for a reason. They’re one of the most commonly touched surfaces in a room and prone to plenty of dirt. Also consider domed ceiling lights. They may not be part of your weekly cleaning routine, but buyers will notice mothballs even if the domed glass is opaque.

Offer flexible lighting in every room.

Ceiling fixtures, table lamps, and standing lights serve a purpose. They offer flexible lighting for homework, dinner parties, and nighttime reading. Consider multiple lights in each room and dimmer switches. Like neutral colors, many lighting options will appeal to the universal buyer with a variable lighting palate.

A buyer’s impression of a bright home leaves a positive memory and gets you the offer your Alton, IL home deserves. 

Hoffmann Brothers has licensed contractors to upgrade, install, and repair lighting that not only appeals to discriminating buyers but also passes the electrical inspection at the close of your sale. Reduce your days on the market by calling Hoffmann Brothers Electrical at (314) 256-2970 for your Alton, IL lighting solutions.

For more home and business lighting ideas visit:



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Fluorescent lighting has a number of positive qualities. Electrical energy savings? Check. Longer life expectancy? You bet. Better for the environment? Absolutely. But the appearance of fluorescent lights can be a turnoff for many homeowners in Maryland Heights. After all, there’s a reason clothing retailers dislike fluorescent bulbs in fitting rooms.

Enter a Hoffmann Brother’s licensed electrician. We offer track, recess, cabinet, and closet interior lighting solutions compatible with the latest low energy bulbs. Here are some recommendations from an experienced electrician to achieve natural but cost effective lighting in your Maryland Heights home.

Add a must-have accessory to outfit your lighting. Supplement energy saving lighting with a more opaque lamp shade or even a dimmer switch. A lower intensity reduces the harsh glare you might be experiencing at certain times of the day. Lighting dimmers create ambiance, reduce energy consumption, and further extend bulb life.

Explore the complete lighting portfolio. CFL (compact fluorescent lights), LED (light-emitting diodes), and CMH (ceramic metal halide) are all alternatives to traditional fluorescent lighting. Instead of making multiple trips to the hardware store, and paying for lighting mistakes, achieve your ideal lighting faster and more affordably. Look to Hoffmann Brothers for lighting advice. We understand the initial investment, long term cost, and appropriate application for a portfolio of low energy bulb types.

Many homeowners find they like different efficient bulb types for different areas. The low output of LEDs works great for nightstand reading lamps. Tiny adjacent LED bulbs work well in strip lights. CFLs are more economical for storage and utility areas.

Consider an update to lighting location, mount, and fixture. The placement of lighting impacts not only its usefulness but also its appearance. A swivel mount for overhead lighting adds flexibility. Illuminate a sculpture, a buffet, a reading area, or an architectural detail of your home more precisely and more attractively. By adding adjustability, you may be more satisfied with your interior lighting.

A switch from incandescent lighting in your home doesn’t mean a sacrifice in illumination quality. Let a Hoffmann Brother’s electrician upgrade the lighting in your home while reducing your energy consumption. Call us at (314) 256-2970 for a free consultation on your Maryland Heights lighting project.

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Phantom load is electricity consumed by an electronic device when it’s turned off or put into standby mode. The benefit of standby load is your electronic devices maintain the time, your settings, and any preset programming. The price of phantom load is leaking electricity could account for up to 10% of your monthly utility bill.  

Here are some examples of phantom loads in the typical household:

•    Televisions and DVRs
•    Clock radios
•    Coffeemakers
•    Microwaves
•    Computers and printers
•    Power strips
•    Battery chargers (including those ubiquitous cell phone chargers)
•    Devices controlled by a remote
•    Devices with a clock
•    Programmable devices

Most households have multiple devices in each of these categories. Phantom loads might seem harmless from a single device, but it’s easy to see how they add up throughout your home. They drain energy, cost money, and tax the environment.

Here are some steps you can take to reduce phantom loads:

•    Realize that off doesn’t necessarily mean a device consumes no electricity. In addition to turning them off, unplug devices when not in use.
•    Use a power strip for all of the plugs sprouting from your entertainment system and any gaming consoles. Use another strip for devices in your office (computers, laser printers, scanners, fax machines). Then, flip the single switch on the power strip to the off position. It’s a simple group disconnect for a large number of devices when not in use.
•    Function with fewer clocks in your life. Aren’t your wristwatch and your phone enough? You may lose the clock functionality of certain devices by turning them off, but finding the time elsewhere shouldn’t be too difficult.
•    When you go to sleep, let your computer and other devices rest too. Set them to sleep mode.
•    When replacing electronics, choose energy star qualified items when possible. Energy star rated devices typically consume less electricity in the standby mode. 

Standby power is good for programmable thermostats, fire alarms, security systems, motion sensors, automatic sprinklers, answering machines, and devices with convenient built-in timers. Understanding phantom load allows you to conserve energy where it makes sense without excessive inconvenience or compromising safety. Small steps to reduce the typical 10% phantom load in a home lower your utility bill and your impact on the environment.

Call (314) 256-2970 for advice from a licensed electrician about reducing the leaking electricity inside your home or contact us here.

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Candles, a battery-powered radio, and shelf-stable granola bars only get your family so far when the power goes out. An electric outage due to severe weather or power line issues often impacts entire neighborhoods. And the amount of time it takes your local utility company to restore service is no guarantee.

Many savvy homeowners are now taking preventative action with home generators. Generators are considered a must-have in many remote locations and for customers who rely on life sustaining electrically powered medical devices. For average suburban families, they’re a modern, convenient, and affordable addition to your home.

Here’s your home generators buyer’s guide to achieve the best results for your application.

1. Outline your goals. Are you looking for a whole home or a more limited solution? Perhaps maintaining power to your HVAC system and your refrigerator is the biggest priority. Do you want automatic or manual operation? When the electricity goes out, some generators pickup your power needs with no interruption. Others require a homeowner to activate the unit.
2. Balance your budget.  A home generator is intended for use in the event of a power interruption, not to support daily electricity needs at your home. So invest wisely. Paying for an electrical code violation correction is a necessity. A home generator is a smart accessory, but it pays to shop for a competitive price, look for supplier promotions, and obtain a warranty.
3. Buy from the best. In this case, the best is a professional who offers a variety of brands, sizes, and features. In addition, ensure your supplier is a certified electrician with years of experience customizing the unit to the application. Using a consistent supplier and installer ensures a seamless buying, service, and warranty experience.
4. Schedule preventative maintenance. Even though home generators aren’t intended for daily use, a yearly check-up will ensure your unit operates in the event of a power outage. Annual service extends the life of your generator by maintaining its wiring and electrical components. Performing simple maintenance repairs can  prevent a premature replacement.

Call a Hoffmann Brothers certified electrician at (314) 256-2970 for a free consultation on the best size home generator for your application.

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Many customers contact us to install a dimmer switch on an existing ceiling light. Popular areas for flexible lighting intensity include the dining room and bathroom. In the dining room, a dimmer light switch achieves ambiance for your dinner party or your romantic date night at home. In the bathroom, a low illumination level maintains a steady nightlight for the smallest of customers when they wake up in the middle of the night.

What surprises homeowners are the features, energy savings, and importance of professional installation for dimmer light switches. Here are three tips if you’re considering dimmer light switches in your home.

#1 Checkout All the Features of Dimmer Light Switches
Besides the variety of knobs and dials for light intensity adjustment, homeowners have plenty of colors and styles to suit their preferences and home décor. In addition, the illumination level is available through notches along the adjustment tool or via a backlit scale on the wall panel.

If you’d rather use a remote to adjust the lighting level, you have the option of both wall adjustment and remote functionality. Some customers choose to add a ceiling fan and dimmer switch to existing fixtures simultaneously, adding only a small amount of time to the job. Both are adjustable with their hand held remote.   

#2 Expect Energy Savings from Dimmer Light Switches
Besides the physical change in illumination level to suit their mood and the weather conditions, customers with dimmer switches realize money saving benefits. Dimmer lights consume lower levels of electricity. In addition, light bulbs achieve a longer life. Expect money and energy savings while you do your part for the environment. 
#3 Contact a Professional for Installation of Dimmer Light Switches
The good news is most standard switches can be converted to a dimmer switch. The warning is professional installation is always best. A certified electrician will be able to check the grounding and box size for a safe connection. An electrical install that meets not only safety but also code compliance is assured with a licensed electrician.

Whether you want to improve the flexibility of your home lighting, set the mood, or create a low-lit movie night at home, contact the licensed electricians at Hoffmann Brothers for safe and affordable installation. Call (314) 256-2970 for details on a multi switch discount.

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Daylight saving time heralds warmer weather and more time to spend enjoying the outdoors in the evenings. The eventual setting of the sun doesn’t mean the outside fun needs to end. Keep the party going and take advantage of delayed summer bedtimes. Extend your outdoor entertaining hours with exterior lighting solutions.

Besides fun and games, consider the benefits of exterior lighting for energy consumption, safety, and curb appeal.

Save Energy

Time spent outdoors tends to reduce evening energy consumption on gaming consoles, televisions, and other interior electronic devices. Try a card game on the patio furniture lit by functional lighting. All players are guaranteed winners at family bonding.

Consider exterior lighting solutions wired to motion detectors and operated by timers. The motion detectors limit lighting use to the times it makes sense, when someone takes out the trash late at night or leaves before sunrise for an early meeting. Timers reduce lighting use to your preset and adjustable settings.

Play it Safe

Timers and motion detectors are also useful for summer vacations away. They lend the illusion the home is occupied. These features provide peace of mind even if a neighbor is already collecting the newspapers. 

Whether home or away, illuminated exteriors promote home security. Enhanced visibility deters trespassers. It’s one way to stop break-ins before they start.

Show Off Landscaping

You take pride in your home both indoors and out, day and night. Consider lighting to showcase the exterior features of your home. Lights around each window, your home address, an outdoor garden, or your favorite flowering trees look warm, inviting, and attractive. Like an airport runway, driveway marker lights provide safety and landscape protection. Prevent lawn jobs and tulip border damage with path lighting. 

Choose Hoffmann Brothers for your exterior lighting project because our licensed electricians treat your house like our home. Our qualified contractors offer a variety of solutions from in-ground to wall-mount lighting to fit your style and budget. No exterior lighting project is too small to deserve a professional installation.

Call (314) 256-2970 for a bid on the latest in patio lighting before your first summer barbeque.

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The temperature is starting to heat up in St. Louis. While spring is welcome after a winter spent in hibernation, the soaring temperatures of summer bring us back inside to escape the midday heat. This summer, don’t settle for interior air conditioning alone. Supplement your indoor comfort with enhanced airflow.

Ceiling fans are not only attractive to future homebuyers, adding value to your property, but also a functional complement to your hardworking air conditioner. Like a pleasant outdoor breeze, a ceiling fan increases interior comfort while you’re reading in the living room or dozing off to sleep at night. In fact, bedrooms are prime candidates for ceiling fans as a lower body temperature contributes to improved sleep quality. They can also provide a soothing white noise lullaby effect.

Plug-in store-bought fans are limited, less attractive, and less safe. They tend to service only one area well in a sizable space or one person comfortably in a large room. Standing and tabletop fans can also be a sore spot in your home décor and add clutter. Their plugs leave a tripping hazard tail, and their blades and mechanical components are within reach of curious little fingers.

A qualified Hoffmann Brother’s contractor has the skills to convert any central lighting fixture into an attractive, durable, and functional dual lighting and ceiling fan unit. If new wiring needs to be run, or existing wiring replaced, our technicians will expertly complete the job, clean up the work area, and demonstrate your new fan’s operation. Hoffmann offers new ceiling fans to suit all styles and budgets. We service existing units of any manufacturer and age.

Hoffmann Brothers has an electrician available to discuss, estimate, and complete your ceiling fan project from single to multiple rooms. Call (314) 664-9705 today and ask about our ceiling fans equipped with a remote, multiple speeds, and a reverse setting for the winter months. This innovative type is a favorite of our customers and sure to become one of yours.

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