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Room Additions St Louis
When it comes time to add rooms on to your St Louis area home, there are many key decisions to make and one of those is your electrical systems. A lot of times when you add the extra space on to your home, the same Electrical panel that powers your entire house, cannot handle the extra power needed to make that room functional. Room additions will need lighting, outlets, light switches, possibly an extra heating and cooling system, ceiling fans, televisions, and more. To make all those systems work, you will need enough power to run them and this may require an additional panel or sub-panel. To ensure the electricity in your room addition, call the Electricians at Hoffmann Brothers to request a bid at 314-256-2970.


Room Addition St Louis
The Electricians at Hoffmann Brothers can help during the beginning phases of the construction by providing electrical drawings for your architect. We can also do a walk through for lighting when the room is ready to ensure the proper placement once the build out has begun. We will ensure the switches are located to your liking and we will ensure any other electrical systems are up to code and safe for your new area. We pride ourselves in making the process easy for the client and doing the quality work you would expect. To request a bid with one of our electricians, call Hoffmann Brothers or submit through our online form.