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Home Remodeling St Louis
Whole home remodels are becoming more and more popular in many St Louis cities. There are many older homes that are being remodeled to accommodate families in the areas that are centrally located to St Louis. When it comes to whole home remodels, there are so many upgrades and replacements of electrical systems that need to be made to accommodate today’s technology. Many older homes cannot keep the same Electrical service panel as it originally had. To make sure your electrical system in your whole home remodel is up to code, call the electricians at Hoffmann Brothers at 314-256-2970.


Home Remodels St Louis
Remodeling a home is a big undertaking and deciding on contractors can be one of the biggest decision you make. You want to ensure those contractors are licensed, trained, experienced and do quality work. At Hoffmann Brothers we are a one stop shop for home services and can ensure we are licensed, bonded, ensured and uphold the highest level of quality work in St Louis. When it comes to your electrical systems in your, you want to make sure that you have the most up to date electrical wiring and that it needs electrical codes. Here are just some of the many options during a home remodel that the Electricians can offer in regards to electrical services
-Electrical Wiring
-Cable, Phone, Data Wiring (Cat6)
-Light Switches and Dimmers
-Electrical Panel
-Ceiling Fans


Call the Electricians at Hoffmann Brothers for all your whole home remodeling needs at 314-256-2970 or request a bid here through our online form.