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Electrical Code St Louis
The electricians at Hoffmann Brothers perform the highest standard quality work in your St Louis area home or business. We can ensure that every job we complete meets or exceed Electrical code in that city or county. Not all electrical contractors operate with the same level of quality and technical ability. Our electricians come across homes and businesses every week that have Electrical code violations and do not meet the standards. We can correct these issues so that it doesn’t become an issue for you later on down the line and for the safety of your home or business. Call Hoffmann Brothers to make sure your home or business electrical wiring and systems meets code at 314-256-2970 or contact us here.


GFCI Code Compliance

A ground fault circuit interupter device protects us from receiving shocks from faults in the electrical devices we use in our homes. GFCI devices are typically installed in areas subject to moisture, so bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, utility rooms, mudrooms, unfinished basements, etc. GFCI protection can be provided at the outlet with the common test and reset buttons. These are the most common ones Hoffmann Brothers installs in St Louis area homes. To make sure you are GFCI code compliant, call Hoffmann Brothers at 314-256-2970.


Corrected Electrical Codes St Louis
When it comes to electrical services, you want to ensure it is done right the first time and done right to ensure your home or business is safe from electrical fires, shortages and more. There are many common mistakes that non-licensed electrician can make, especially when home or business owners try to perform the electrical work themselves.  Call the professionals at Hoffmann Brothers to ensure all your electrical system and wiring meet the standard of the St Louis area Electrical codes at 314-256-2970 or request service here.