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Heated Floors St Louis
Hoffmann Brothers offers radiant heat floors for our clients. Heated floors are ideal for bathrooms. Having a warm floor as you step out of the shower is a luxury that many people have grown to love. When installing heated floors, it is installed under the flooring, so it is best done during a remodel or new construction and the floors cannot be finished yet. The heating elements are installed above the subfloor but right against the floor. There are different types of radiant heat application that can be used based on the room, the size of the room and the space you would like heated. To learn more about heated floors, call our electricians at 314-256-2970 or request a bid here.

Heated Flooring St Louis
Heated floors can be installed under ceramic tile, vinyl flooring, some wood floors, and some carpets. Heated floors are most commonly installed under ceramic tile, as ceramic can be cold during the St Louis winter months and provide more heat to your cold feet! Meet with one of electricians to discuss what flooring options you are considering and they can recommend the best type of heated floor options for you. Heated floors are most popular in bathrooms, but we have installed heated floors throughout homes, in kitchens, in basements, and more. The benefit of heated floors is that it doesn’t add more to your electrical bills, but it provides more heat and to an area that typically would not be warm! To learn more about heated floors or any other bathroom accessories, request a bid for your St Louis home or call us at 314-256-2970.