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Exhaust Fans St Louis
Homes are built much more efficient then there once were, so exhaust fans are pretty standard in bathrooms in new homes. But for the older St Louis area homes, you have to add these in your bathrooms. The Electricians at Hoffmann Brothers can install or replace any type of bathroom exhaust fans. Call us today to schedule a bid or request service at 314-256-2970.

Exhaust fans can help with so many different challenges in the bathroom. Here are just some of the many common problems adding an exhaust fan can help with:

     Mold: Bathrooms are prone to excess humidity and mold, usually due to power shower area ventilation.

     Foggy mirrors: If every time you shower or bathe, the mirrors fog up, it can be frustrating. Proper ventilation can help solve this.

     Odor Control: Trying to control the odor in a bathroom is something to be dealt with quickly, especially in larger bathrooms. Ventilating it properly can help remove unwanted smells.

     Sound Level: The louder the fan, the more obvious and annoying it can be. The quieter the fan the more it will get used. Hoffmann Brothers offers exhaust fans that function very quietly.

To request a bid on an exhaust fan or any other bathroom accessories for your bathroom, call us at 314-256-2970. Our electricians can recommend the properly sized, quiet fan that suits your needs.