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Electrical Services St Louis
Hoffmann Brothers offers many types of Electrical Services to our St Louis area customers. Our electricians are licensed and trained and can perform any type of electrical service in your home or business. If you don’t see the electrical service you are looking for here, just call our Electricians to discuss the services you are needing. Here are some of the most popular electrical services that we offer:

Outlets: There are many options on the different types of outlets you can have in your home of business. Hoffmann Brothers offers USB outlets, standard outlets, and more. To learn more about our electrical outlet options visit our outlet page or call us at 314-256-2970.

Remodeling Services: When it comes to home or business remodeling, electrical service is typically needed to be altered or added. Our electricians can help with any electrical service remodeling. To learn more about the remodeling services visit our Electrical remodeling services page.

ADA Services: There are many ADA regulations for businesses and the Electricians at Hoffmann Brothers can help that you meet those. Our electricians are trained in making sure your business can meet those standards. To learn more about electrical ADA services, visit our page or call our electricians at 314-256-2970.

Wiring Upgrades: You may need to upgrade the wiring in your home or business for many different reasons. Just because a light works when you flip the switch or the refrigerator works, doesn’t mean that the wiring is always fine. To learn more about why and what types of wiring upgrades we have visit our wiring upgrades page, or schedule a bid with our electricians.

Electrical Codes:  Not all contractors perform electrical work that meets every city or county electrical code standards. When the work is performed by Hoffmann Brothers, we can ensure our work is done right the first time. To learn more about the electrical code violations that Hoffmann Brothers can correct for you visit our electrical code violation correction page or call us at 314-256-2970.

Service panel upgrades: Service panels have to be upgraded for so many different reasons. Mostly for more power to your home to ensure all your large appliances can function correctly and safely. To learn more about our service panel upgrade services you can visit our page.

Phone & cable wiring (Data Wiring): With today’s high end electronics, the simple wiring that most older homes have, will not support them. Upgrading or adding data wiring in your home or business may be a necessity. To learn more about what is recommended, visit our data wiring page or call us at 314-256-2970

Whole Home Fans/Ceiling Fans: Whole home fans and ceiling fans are ways to cool your home when you are not using your central air. To learn more about the different fans we can install in your home, visit our whole home fan page.

Electrical Troubleshooting: Having electrical issues? Want to know why something is not working when it should? Contact the electricians at Hoffmann Brothers to have your electrical problems diagnosed or learn more about our electrical troubleshooting here.

GFCI Code Compliance: Ground Fault Circuit Interupter outlets protect against receiving shocks from faults in the electrical devices in your home. A GFCI protection should be provided anywhere there is an outlet installed in an area subject to moisture.


Surge Protection: Surge Protectors can help protect against voltage spikes in electrical devices. They block or gound any unwanted voltage above a safe threshold. To learn more about our surge protectors we can install in your home or business visit our surge protection page or call us at 314-256-2970.


Hoffmann Brothers is a full service Electrician. We have many electricians on staff who have years of experience in all electrical services in the St Louis area. The Hoffmann Brothers service area includes Affton, Des Peres, Brentwood, Sunset Hills, Chesterfield, Richmond Heights, St Louis County, Clayton, Lemay, Maryland Heights, Mehlville, Oakville, Glen Carbon,  Collinsville IL, Madison County IL, Creve Coeur, University City, East St Louis, Edwardsville IL, Fairview Heights IL, Fenton,  Florissant, Jefferson County, Kirkwood, Ladue, Ballwin, St Charles County, St Clair County, St Louis City,  St Peters, Town and Country, Webster Groves, and Wildwood. For more electrical services or to request service, call our office at 314-256-2970. Our electricians are here to help you with all your electrical needs in St Louis.